Kiwanis Auction FAQ

52nd Annual Kiwanis Online Auction FAQ

When can I register?
The 52nd Annual Kiwanis Auction Registration will begin on Monday, November 28th and end on Saturday, December 10th, 2016. CLICK HERE to register.  If you registered last year, you do not need to register again this year.  If you forgot your username or password from last year, please CLICK HERE to reset your info.

How do I bid online?
Bidding will start at 7pm on Wednesday, December 7th and end on 11pm on Sunday, Decemeber 11th, 2016. You must create a Kiwanis Auction account before bidding. Simply create a username and password along with completing the required information.  Once your information is reviewed by the Kiwanis Online Auction Administrator, you will receive an email confirming your registeration.  You may then log in and begin bidding on the item(s). If required, please download the "Auction - How To" PDF for more details on registering for the Kiwanis Auction.

I created a Kiwanis Auction account but I still can not bid. Why not?
Please note that you will recieve a confirmation email from the Auction administrator once your submission has been review.  Please note each user has to be manually verfied before bidding, this could take up to 24 hours.

How can I pay?
All items must be paid for at pick up, Cash or Cheque ONLY! Sorry, no Credit Cards.

Where do I pick up my items?
All items must be picked up in on Tuesday & Wednesday (6pm tp 9pm), December 13 & 14th at the back entrance of the Old CBC Building. 

What info do I need to pick up my item?

You will need to pay at pick up and present a photo ID. 


If you have any additional questions, please complete the Contact Us form and we'd be happy to follow up.