Marks Brain Injury Month (June) with Guest Speaker

Linda Nutio Flynn: Born in Grand Falls-Windsor, Fine Arts Degree, Worked for Memorial University as Manager of the Labrador Institute, life long member of Northcliffe Drama Club, married to Lyndon Flynn, mother of two 

Now serves on the Board of NL Brain Injury Association



The brain is a very unusual and complex organ. It plays a role in every one of our functions, controlling many organs, our thoughts, memory, speech, and movements. 1.3 million Canadians live with an acquired brain injury. 90% of acquired brain injury can be prevented with awareness and education.


Life Experience: April 2017, while shopping at a local store a 25lb. box of supplies fell from a shelf, hitting her on the head leaving her with Shaken Brain Syndrome resulting in complete dyslexia and many complications. Six weeks at the Miller Center assisted in relearning to walk, talk as well as life skills. She still cannot read or deal with mathematical computation with numbers of two digits. Life completely changed. 


As an invisible disability to others, her brain injury experience has shown how unkind society can be.  Others lack of patience for her delayed responses or actions, and unfair assumptions because of walking/driving movements is common.  Communities lack resources to support their citizens experiencing this life altering injury. One suggestion would be to have programs to encourage expression through the Arts. 


Linda’s informative presentation certainly brought awareness about this important focus and the role we play in support and acceptance of others. 

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