Visit from Central Regional Health Authority CEO
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On Tuesday Oct  21 we had  Dr Jeff Cole introduced Rosemarie Goodyear, current CEO and President of the Central Regional Health Authority. She graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing from MUN and completed her Masters of Science in Administration from University of Notre Dame, Indiana.
She has worked for over 30 years in various positions in healthcare within the Central Region. 

The CRHA: 
* serves 94000 people in 177 communities
* has an operating budget of $311 million , 
* has 170 physicians, 3115 employees, 90 facilities, 811 beds 
* and has 2 foundations

Ms Goodyear provided some real time statistics regarding bed occupancy rates and ER (emergency room) wait times. She indicated that CNRHC is way past 100% occupancy rates and daily admissions to ER are higher than the historical 4 standard of 5 per day. They are currently analyzing the data to see where improvements can be made to lower these significantly. 
Some ways they are addressing these problems include: 
* CRR Team ( Community Rapid Response Team)- aims at giving support to an individual to help them stay at home rather than be admitted to hospital
* Enhanced Care Pilot Project: currently set up at Golden Years Estates in Gander for up to 7 patients where instead of going to LongTerm Care Home patient would go to a Personal Care Home
* Restorative Care - currently set up in Twillingate as a 5 Bed unit Rehabilitation Program- similar to the Miller Centre . Of 120 people who completed the program 87% have returned home 
* ER Lean  Initiatives-A Nurse Practitioner assesses patient to increase patient flow and decrease wait time in the ER 
* Paid Family Caregivers- In an effort to keep a patient in their home family members may now be employed for their care.
* POS( Patient Order Sets)

Central Regional Health Authority CEO Central Regional Health Authority Visit
Central Regional Health Authority Visit




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